About us

About Obsidian and our Ethics

What is a Business Advisor

You may be asking yourself "What is a Business Advisor and why do I need one" am I right? Well below is the definition for you and what we here at Obsidian are all about.

DEFINITION: A Business Advisor is a consultant who provides business owners or Obsidian's case Contractors with information that will help them run their business more efficiently and effectively. Business Advisors have business experience that they can apply to solving problems, identifying potential areas of concern, and helping businesses expand and grow. A Business Advisor can help find out where and why a business is going wrong so they can turn it around.

About Obsidian

Obsidian Business Advisors is a specialized technology integration and financial advisory firm dedicated to the home improvement and contracting trade services industries. We work with private business owners and franchisees as well as franchisors of all sizes. We specialize in the technological, financial, credit and operational side of the business and look to help educate our clients while implementing these important aspects of their business. We also implement properly streamlined and integrated job management, dispatching, scheduling, inventory & asset management software, financial accounting and customer support software along with providing capital, business credit, access to equipment funding improving the overall business success so that the business can THRIVE VS. SURVIVE. Contact us to see about how you can create your streamlined multi million dollar business.

We pride ourselves on working off of a high set of ethics which you can view to the right of this page.

As a licensed advisory firm, we are equipped and qualified to help your business drastically improve its overall efficiency, systems & technology such as job management, dispatching, scheduling, job costing and cloud based account management, along with improving its financing position, help to reduce debts, free up cash flow, free up owners time, and establish strong corporate credit while looking to control costs and improve margins. It is our goal to help our clients improve every aspect of their business including implementing and building a strong wealth-retirement plan and implementing multiple exit strategies.

Its imperative that each business prior to being a client of Obsidian obtains a "Business Technology & Financial Performance Assessment" to determine what areas their business are strong and where they need improvement. In fact it's our policy to not allow new potential clients to board as a new client with us unless they obtain their assessment. That is due to making sure its a good fit and that the business owner fully understands where their business is at and what it needs to drastically improve their overall business picture. Obsidian is here to assist business owners who want the following but not limited too.

1.Drastically improve and streamline their technology systems from dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, job costing, inventory management, vehicle tracking, asset management, financial account management and much more.

2.Drastically improve and upgrade their technology systems from dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, job costing, inventory management, vehicle tracking, asset management, financial account management and much more.

3. Improve Revenues as their income has not grown in the last several years

4. Improve overall market share through utilizing strategic acquisitions in their market

5. Improve overall working capital and get out of debt or high cost loans

6. Improve overall profitability and start building a strong retirement

If you can say "That's me" to any one of those above, then be sure to contact us to schedule your complimentary no obligation "Business & Financial Performance Assessment" today!

Our Code of Ethics

At Obsidian we believe that every loan broker, every finance professional and every advisor should adhere to a set of ethics a code if you will to provide quality services and instill confidence to their clients. This code is to determine it's long lasting relationship, integrity and trust that each finance professional or advisor has with its clients. This helps ensure that the broker, finance professional or advisor is always looking out for its client's best interest. Here at Obsidian our Code of Ethics is listed for you to review. We hope this gives you a great understanding of how we view our clients and how each client is treated.

Honesty & Integrity
At Obsidian we shall always conduct business in a manner reflecting honesty, honor and integrity with all our clients.
Professional Conduct, Confidentiality & Security
Obsidian shall always conduct its business activities in a professional manner. Obsidian shall not provide nor disclose a client's personal or business information unless permission has been granted by the client. Security of our clients' information is of the upmost importance.
Compliance with the Law
Obsidian conducts is advisory business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Empowering Clients to Improve their Business
Obsidian constantly looks to help its clients improve their situation by providing education, guidance, financial management, top tier technology to improve overall efficiency and to maximize productivity. Obsidian helps clients understand what it takes to be bankable and to help them obtain the best funding options (which sometimes can be more important than getting funding). We strive to help our clients thrive rather than survive and its our promise to our clients that as we work together we will accomplish this goal.
Empowering Clients to make informed decisions
Obsidian shall always educate its clients on financial management, financial literacy, lending and loan literacy as well as funding options. Obsidian assists clients in improving their financial situation in order to help them become more bankable and more profitable for longer term, and lower cost, funding solutions. Obsidian will always inform its clients of the various technologies that are out there to help improve their business and empower them to make informed decisions.
Disclose all fees and Lending Terms
Obsidian shall always disclose any fees that will be added to a client's loan or advisory service. Obsidian will disclose any fees associated with any loan funding before the loan agreement has been signed. Obsidian shall always make sure each client fully understands the pros and cons of their proposed loan and what impact it will have on their financials, cash flow and overall debt service.
Provide Clients with a M.A.P.P. (Massive Action Profit Plan)
Obsidian shall always provide its clients with a massive action profit plan designed to help them get out of high cost loans and into better long term funding options. Depending on the clients situation they fall in one of 3 categories. Tier 3, Tier 2 or Tier 1. Each tier is a stage for each client to obtain based on their financials. Obsidian promises to always help its clients move through those tiers and into Tier 1 which is where our clients business is now fully bankable. This massive action plan will include one of our different Advisory Membership programs which are designed to help you refinance yourself out of high cost debt, into lower cost funding options while improving cash flow, capitalization and saving our client a significant amount of money.