Technology Solutions

Advanced Technologies Designed To Make You Money!

Service Operations & Dispatching Software

A Service Software designed to efficiently run your business.

With many different systems to use out there it can be challenging to find the one that makes the most sense for your business. Well Obsidian has taken all the guess work out with its FlatRateHero™ Quoting Application and Job Management software. From lead, contact, site and project management, to service management, estimating, scheduling, purchasing & stock, asset maintenance, inventory control, job costing, accounting integration, field mobility and invoicing all from one system, we know that when you see this system, you will love it just as much as we and our clients do. Contact us to setup a demo today!

Cloud Accounting Software

Providing the top cloud based technology to streamline your business.

Its more important than ever to be operating your business at a high level. This takes managing your books, staying on top of bank reconciliations, accounts receivables and much more. To do this you must have your business setup in a way that allows you to manage the finances from anywhere in the world. Xero Cloud Accounting software allows you to do just that. Quickbooks is no longer the "Go to" Accounting software as Xero was made for the cloud in the cloud from day one where as Quickbooks was created first and foremost as a software. If you want to simplify your accounting and financial management, then go with the HERO and get XERO.

Performance Pay Credit Card Processing

The No Cost Credit Card Processing

Did you realize that with the right knowledge, the right technologies and sales processes that YOUR business not only wont pay processing costs, but can get paid to process credit cards? With Obsidian, our technologies to help streamline your business along with our ability to help you get PAID from your processing, we guarantee that you will love our processing services designed to not only save you money but earn you money.

Performance Pay Consumer Financing

A 100% online Mobile friendly paperless Consumer Financing program that Pays you.

Imagine a system that integrates with your operating, dispatching or POS system that is usable from any device such as a smart phone, tablet or computer. A system that is 100% paperless, instant credit approvals and is designed to approve ALL credit types? Our system instead of costing you to use it, can actually pay you to use it on the top tier credit customers. Drastically increase your average ticket along with your overall profits. Let this program pay for your Advisor Membership program.

Automated Email Responder System

Automate your communication with email responders

Automate your business communications through nurturing campaigns, email blasts and auto responders where you can set it and forget it. With integration options, put your lost leads in a nurturing campaign to get them to call you back. Put your new customers in a educational responder that drips tips on on them weekly, monthly or yearly. The best part is once its setup you're done.

Budgeting & Revenue Projections

Finally take control of your business finances.

Did you realize that when you manage your budget correctly and have the right tools, you can forecast cash flow challenges BEFORE they occur? With our Budgeting & Revenue projection software that integrates into many different accounting software engines, you can finally keep up to date with your budget while foreseeing any future challenges before they happen.