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Obsidian Capital Funding Products

At Obsidian we believe that every loan broker, every finance professional and every lender should be able to provide the best financing services with a specific set of ethics and a plan of action to help each business owner drastically improve their current situation. Below you will find a list of all the different loan programs we offer here at Obsidian to our clients based on their specific qualifications and needs.

Franchise Financing
In order to purchase and open a franchise, many small business owners need up front cash in order to pay franchise fees and to help get their contracting franchise off the ground. Lenders provide franchise financing to small business owners interested in opening a legitimate franchise. Obsidian has an several lenders that can help you finance your new franchise.
Working Capital-Debt Consolidation
A working capital loan provides business owners with extra funds in order to pay off debts, expand or improve current business, invest in advertising, utilizing for acquiring another business, paying off tax payments or vendors to improve cash flow and business credit.
SBA (7a, 504, Express, CapLine)
These loans are very similar to traditional bank loans, but are guaranteed (in part,usually) by the Small Business Administration (SBA). This lowers the bank's risk, which usually means it can offer a more reasonable interest rate. These loans require a fair amount of time and paperwork for approval not to mention they are not the easiest to get approved for in today's lending market. SBA loans account for less than 12% of all business loans in dollar volume. The terms can be up to 10 years and the rates are in the single digits. This is our tier 1 lending option.
Asset Based Lending
Asset Based Lending (ABL) to include Factoring
Accounts Receivables can be used as a type of collateral in place of physical assets for specific loans or lines of credit. This type of financing is common in certain service-based industries such as contracting where key assets are utilized as collateral to lend money to a business owner. Typically, the lender "buys" future receivables with cash up front at a discount based on historical verification.

Contract Financing Unlike other forms of working capital financing, contract financing is specifically designed to aid business owners that need an advance on their contracted work before a service is completed, but not necessarily before work on a product is completed.

PO Financing When a cash infusion is needed to quickly fulfill an order, lenders can cut a check for the inventory directly to the supplier. This money, plus a fee, is then debited from your account in equal payments over a set number of months and days. Inventory purchase loans can be expensive, but can help you complete a profitable order on short notice.
Equipment Financing/Leasing
Instead of locking up a substantial amount of capital to pay for equipment, why not look at your options to aquire equipment through a lease or equipment loan to further expand your working capital and build corporate credit at the same time. Obsidian has several equipment financing programs for not just your business but for your commercial customers as well.
Commercial Mortgages
A commercial mortgage is a loan issued for purchasing or developing commercial land or buildings zoned for commercial purposes. The borrower in these cases is normally a business and not an individual.
Bridge Financing
Companies in need of a short term cash flow solution may consider a short term bridge financing loan. A bridge loan is a type of short term loan pending the arrangement of a longer term financing solution.

Franchise Financing

Common Goal Funding for Franchisor and Franchisee

Obsidian prides itself on working with franchisees and franchisor's. We help bring a common goal together through assisting franchisor's help their franchisees with obtaining higher profits through our membership programs. In return both the franchisee and franchisor's revenues grow increasing profitability for both. We also assist franchisor's with helping their future franchisees with obtaining sufficient capital to purchase their franchise territory. By utilizing one of our memberships, the franchisor obtains a new franchisee and the franchisee obtains the long term support they deserve from both Obsidian and the franchisor.

Working-Operating Capital

Working Capital designed with a plan.

When it comes to working capital or any type of capital for that matter, Obsidian is very unique. As you can see from the above chart, we break our clients down into 3 tiers. Depending on what tier you are in is going to determine what lenders you are submitted to. Since we underwrite every file before we submit you to a lender, we know what lenders you have the highest chance of the best approval amount, terms and rates will be. No matter your needs for working capital whether it be for Inventory, Marketing, Buying out a Partner, Paying off Vendors or Consolidating debts, we have the lenders and the programs designed to help your business succeed and grow.

Collateral Based Capital

Equipment & Other Assets Can Be Used as Collateral

Now depending on what tier you are in, there may be another great option for you to obtain better funding with lower rates and a bit longer term. That is through Collateral based lending where the lender lends based on your collateral such as Inventory, Equipment and Real Estate. Now this is also great if you are looking to purchase equipment. The reason for that is yes your rate may be a tad bit higher than what your bank will provide, however you can qualify with your business credit and not have to provide a personal guarantee. This tradeline also reports to your business credit report and not your personal credit lowering your score due to the added debt load. Our goal is to help protect our clients through risk assessment, while also providing them the best solutions to grow their business and that is why asset based lending is one of our several options.

SBA Financing

SBA Financing options for all your business needs!

Obsidian offers several different SBA funding programs designed for your business needs and qualifications. From general small business loans also known as a SBA 7(a) loan which is the SBA's most common program is a specific program designed for businesses with special requirements. CDC and 504 loans are also available for your business.

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