Client Partner Program

How Would You Like To Earn Your Membership Back Every Month? Discover The Benefs of Obsidian's Client Partner Program!

We are firm believers in giving back to our clients. We want each and every client all to have the same opportunity with respect to obtaining Obsidian services at no cost while actually earning an additional revenue stream.

Here is how it works:

1. Our client "Introduces" us to one of their fellow contractors anywhere in the country. They do this by having a call with them explaining how Obsidian may be able to help them with any challenges they might be facing or Obsidian can help find any challenges they didnt know were there and look to provide solutions to resolve them. State to them what Obsidian has done for you and give a testimonial.

2. Our client sends an email to both the contractor they are introducing to us and the clients Obsidian Advisor

3. Their Obsidian Advisor will reach out to the introduced contractor and schedule a time to provide them with a "Gift SWOT Advising Session" where the advisor will dive into their business and help provide some free solutions to use and suggest some Obsidian solutions that could drastically improve their business

4. After their session should the contractor sign up with Obsidian, then the Client shall begin receiving a commission based on which program the contractor choose to utilize

5. Every month the Client gets paid and recovers their costs for Obsidian services and may even make a profit (which is our goal) depending on how many referrals were sent over to Obsidian

*The key is the more contractors you can introduce to us, the more we will be able to get boarded to use Obsidian services and pay our clients for those referrals. We would much rather put the money in our clients pockets than that of a marketing company or marketing campaign. This creates a win-win for everyone.