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Capital Solutions

Providing the top Capital & financing options for your business

From working capital, Franchise Financing, Acquisition Financing, to Equipment Financing, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Consumer Financing to even B2B funding, Obsidian has your capital needs covered. Obsidian also provides corporate credit or business credit acceleration where we build your corporate credit and help repair your personal credit resulting in long term savings, and opening up more financing options for your business.

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Customer Financing

Residential & Commercial Customer Financing

Did you realize that less than 10% of consumers use cash or checks for purchases over $1,000? 32% of consumers dont own a credit card and 68% of uS Credit card holders are within less than 5% of their available credit limit. Its more vital than ever to offer financing solutions to your residential and commercial customers. With our customer financing program, you will have access up to 50+ residential financing options as well asup to 30 commercial financing options.

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Systems & Tech

Providing the top cloud based systems and technology to drastically improve operations.

Our contractor service & dispatching software along with our fully integrated cloud based accounting management system and 100% paperless consumer financing platform are all designed to drastically simplify your business while saving you money, eliminate double data entry, increase revenues and boost profits.

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A full strategy designed to increase market share and boost revenues

With hundreds of contractors going out of business every single day, our acquisition strategies are the fastest way to help boost your business revenues while taking over market share and improving profits. At Obsidian we make it easy for you to acquire other businesses within your same industry.

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